We recently updated our development server to Windows 8. We wanted to try out how our things and the applications we need work on Windows 8. The upgrade report didn’t report any issues with the applications we need so we proceeded to a clean installation. The Windows 8 installation was quite fast and smooth. After installing the required drivers we proceeded to install the most important thing we needed: WAMP server. We used the latest version in Windows 7 so proceeded to install the latest version (2.2e) on our machine. The installation started up fine but when the setup was about to finish we got an msvcr100.dll error. We proceeded to finish the setup anyway and launched WAMP. However the WAMP icon remained orange while it should have been green. We opened up localhost but it didn’t work. So the search for the solution started and we really hoped we find a solution.

The Googling started and the first thing we googled was the file name msvcr100.dll. Apparently Windows 8 doesn’t come with Visual C++ Redistributables installed. So we installed the following packages. All of the links are for x86/32 bit versions of Windows :

After installing these packages we re-installed WAMP with our fingers crossed. The result? WAMP icon turned green. So we all thought we’ve won the battle and fired up the browser and entered localhost. Boo! We got a Forbidden error now. Mission WAMP started again and with a little bit of googling we found a very simple solution. It turns out that Windows is using the IPv6 address ::1 instead of

Open up the phpmyadmin.conf file in notepad. You can find the file at:

C:\wamp\alias\phpmyadmin.conf (Assuming you’ve installed WAMP on C drive)

Now find the following line in <directory> tag find (without quotes):

“Allow from”

Change it to:

“Allow from ::1”

Voila! WAMP now runs absolutely fine on Windows 8. The icon is green, localhost opens up fine, phpmyadmin opens up fine and all of our developed sites open up fine. The Windows 8 machine boots up very fast and overall it seems faster to us which is a good thing.