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How to run WAMP in Windows 8

We recently updated our development server to Windows 8. We wanted to try out how our things and the applications we need work on Windows 8. The upgrade report didn’t report any issues with the applications we need so we proceeded to a clean installation. The Windows 8 installation was quite fast and smooth. After

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Font size fix for Windows Phone

While testing the Violet Pear website, we came across a font issue on Windows Phone 7 devices. Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 doesn’t supportĀ @font-face CSS property. The Windows Phone 7 devices support and use only the built-in fonts in the OS. As a result the website isn’t displayed in the font we’ve used in

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Kerning for the spatially challenged

Here’s kerning for dummies: This tutorial came about because of my frustration at seeing a gazillion movies this year and the MAJORITY of them had title sequences where the kerning was horrible! It amazes me that professionals get paid to design these things, and totally ignore something as basic as kerning. So you end up

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